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07 – Secure RSS Key

WL Member includes a unique feature whereby you can provide your members a secure RSS key. This means they can read the content they paid for in their favorite RSS reader but since it’s secure, you also maintain control over the RSS feed so that if they stop paying, their RSS feed stops working. This […]

19 – After Login Page

You are able to set a page that will display when a member logs out of your WishList Member site. This video explains how to direct your members to a specific page once they logout.

28 – Sequential Upgrade

In this video we walk through the process of using the Sequential Upgrade feature.

29 – ReCaptcha

This video explains how to include a ReCaptcha form to the registration process.  A ReCaptcha form can reduce spam that can occur during membership signups.

30 – File Protection

This video explains how to protect files uploaded to your WordPress site using WishList Member.

31 – Advanced Settings

This video walks through the multiple Advanced Settings that can be controlled for each Membership Level.

32 – Back Up Settings

This videos describes how to create a quick back up of all WishList Member settings.  The back ups can be saved to your computer for safe keeping and/or future use. A few clicks is all that is needed to safely store all your WishList Member settings to avoid lost data.

33 – Private Tags

This video explains how to insert Private Tags so that specific sections of content can only be seen by a specific Membership Level.

34 – Remove From Feature

In this video the Remove From feature is explained which allows for Members to be automatically removed from a previous Membership Level when upgrading to a new Membership Level.  The site admin has the option of setting this using WishList Member.

35 – Admin Approval and Email Confirmation After Registration

This video explains how the options of requiring admin approval or email confirmation from the registered member before access is granted can be set.