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12 – IP Login Protection

13 – Other Admin Settings

This video walks you through a variety of admin settings:

14 – Email Settings

WL Member is always working behind the scenes for you and one of the ways is by emailing your members when they first register and when they have lost their password. These messages can be easily modified within the Email Settings. Here’s a video that explains where to locate this section:

15 – Customizing Your Registration Page

For each registration page, you now have the ability to add html above and below the actual registration form. You can do this for each membership level which provides you a lot of flexibility in the way you display your registration forms. This video explains the details:

16 – Member Management

The more members you get, the more you rely on a good member management system. This video walks you through the simplicity of managing your members within WL Member.

17 – Importing and Exporting Members

Moving your membership site to a new solution can be a real pain in the butt… unless of course you are moving to WL Member 😉 The Import and Export features give you the ability to add a large number of people all at once. Furthermore, you can even maintain their username and passwords from […]

18 – Email Broadcast

Communicating with your members is critical to keeping them engaged and excited about your membership. That’s why the Email Broadcast feature will play a big role in helping you do that. The best part is, you can even send your email broadcasts to specific membership levels. This video explains all the details:

19 – After Login Page

You are able to set a page that will display when a member logs out of your WishList Member site. This video explains how to direct your members to a specific page once they logout.

20 – Adding New Membership Levels

Having a membership site with multiple levels (ex. Silver, Gold and Platinum) can give you a lot more freedom to structure your membership site exactly how you want it. In this video you’ll discover how easy it is to add another membership level.

21 – Protecting Specific Content

When you want to drill down and specify the exact posts, pages, categories and comments that each membership level has access to, then you’ll want to watch this video.