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02 – WishList Member Dashboard

Getting familiar with WL Member starts with the Dashboard. This serves as your control panel which gives you a glance at your overall membership along with quick links to the other WL Member components.

03 – Creating Your Error Pages

When Non-Members try to access your membership site, you’ll want to send them to an error page. The same goes for when a member tries to access content that their membership level doesn’t have access to. This video explains how to setup those error pages along with a few helpful hints to increase your membership […]

04 – Cancelled Error Page

With the Full Integration, WL Member will automatically block a person if their payment doesn’t go through. When this happens you have the ability to send them to a specific error page. Here’s how to set this up:

05 – Registration Redirect

The first page that your members see after they register is important. You want to make sure you keep them excited and provide them instructions on how to get started. During this video you’ll learn how you can customize the first page that your members will see after registering for your membership.

06 – Unsubscribe Page

If your members decide to unsubscribe from your email broadcasts or if they cancel their membership and are automatically removed from a membership level, they will be sent to an unsubscribe page. Here’s how to configure that page:

07 – Secure RSS Key

WL Member includes a unique feature whereby you can provide your members a secure RSS key. This means they can read the content they paid for in their favorite RSS reader but since it’s secure, you also maintain control over the RSS feed so that if they stop paying, their RSS feed stops working. This […]

08 – Hide and Show Feature

With WL Member, you have many options regarding how you want to display your protected content. The Hide/Show feature gives you the ability to completely hide protected content from people who don’t belong to that membership level. This video shows you how to turn this on or off:

09 – More Tag Protection

10 – Automatic More Tag Protection

11 – Private Tag Protection

This is another way to protect your content within WL Member. The beauty about this method is that you can protect a string of text, an image or anything for that matter as long as it’s wrapped in these private tags… Watch this video to see exactly how it’s done: